Rudolph Will 18731952

Born on 1873 Rudolph Will passed away on Jan 4, 1952, at the age of 79 and was buried in Edford Cemetery in Geneseo, IL. Rudolph Will was married to Mary W Will.

Jan 4, 1952 (aged 79)
I D 1-4
Burial place:
Edford Cemetery
Geneseo, IL
Rudolph Will

Passed away Relatives of Rudolph Will


18681929 (aged 61)
Burial place:
Geneseo, IL

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18371862 (aged 24)
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When was Rudolph Will born?

Rudolph Will was born on 1873

When did is Rudolph Will pass away?

Rudolph Will passed away in January 4, 1952

Where is Rudolph Will buried?

Rudolph Will is interred in Geneseo, IL, in Plot: I D 1-4

At what age did Rudolph Will pass away?

Rudolph Will passed away at the age of 79