Louise S. Rivard 19101957

Born on 1910 Louise S. Rivard passed away on Sep 2, 1957, at the age of 47 and was buried in Catawba Memorial Park in Hickory, NC.

Sep 2, 1957 (aged 47)
Burial place:
Catawba Memorial Park
Hickory, NC

Phone: (828) 322-1210
Louise S. Rivard

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When was Louise S. Rivard born?

Louise Rivard was born on 1910

When did is Louise S. Rivard pass away?

Louise Rivard passed away in September 2, 1957

Where is Louise S. Rivard buried?

Louise Rivard is interred in Hickory, NC

At what age did Louise S. Rivard pass away?

Louise Rivard passed away at the age of 47