Harry Raymond Tiffany Born 1915

Born on Jul 15, 1915 Harry Raymond Tiffany passed away on and was buried in Edford Cemetery in Geneseo, IL. Harry Raymond Tiffany was married to Adeline M Miller Tiffany.

Jul 15, 1915
Born in:
Binghamton, NY
1 B1-8
Burial place:
Edford Cemetery
Geneseo, IL
Harry Raymond Tiffany

Passed away Relatives of Harry Raymond Tiffany


19162005 (aged 89)
Burial place:
Geneseo, IL

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When was Harry Raymond Tiffany born?

Harry Tiffany was born on July 15, 1915

Where was Harry Raymond Tiffany born?

Harry Tiffany was born in Binghamton, NY

Where is Harry Raymond Tiffany buried?

Harry Tiffany is interred in Geneseo, IL, in Plot: 1 B1-8