George C. Crary 18841922

Born on Mar 3, 1884 George C. Crary passed away on Apr 14, 1922, at the age of 38 and was buried in Hurley Cemetery in Hurley, SD.

Mar 3, 1884
Apr 14, 1922 (aged 38)
Burial place:
Hurley Cemetery
Hurley, SD
George C. Crary

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When was George C. Crary born?

George Crary was born on March 3, 1884

When did is George C. Crary pass away?

George Crary passed away in April 14, 1922

Where is George C. Crary buried?

George Crary is interred in Hurley, SD

At what age did George C. Crary pass away?

George Crary passed away at the age of 38