Dora Barnette Dupree 19191973

Born on Jul 13, 1919 Dora Barnette Dupree passed away on Jul 15, 1973, at the age of 54 and was buried in Macedonia Cemetery in Berkeley County, SC. Dora Barnette Dupree was married to Cecil L. Dupree.

Jul 13, 1919
Jul 15, 1973 (aged 54)
Burial place:
Macedonia Cemetery
South Carolina
Dora Barnette Dupree

Passed away Relatives of Dora Barnette Dupree


19221982 (aged 60)
Burial place:
South Carolina

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South Carolina
18881941 (aged 53)
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When was Dora Barnette Dupree born?

Dora Dupree was born on July 13, 1919

When did is Dora Barnette Dupree pass away?

Dora Dupree passed away in July 15, 1973

Where is Dora Barnette Dupree buried?

Dora Dupree is interred in Berkeley County, South Carolina

At what age did Dora Barnette Dupree pass away?

Dora Dupree passed away at the age of 54