Delta L. Guentner 19011984

Born on Feb 15, 1901 Delta L. Guentner passed away on Aug 1984, at the age of 83 and was buried in Lanark City Cemetery in Lanark, IL. Delta L. Guentner was married to Earl C. Guentner and had 1 children: Marcella Ruth Guentner Audas-Long.

Feb 15, 1901
Aug 1984 (aged 83)
Burial place:
Lanark City Cemetery
Lanark, IL
Delta L. Guentner

Passed away Relatives of Delta L. Guentner


19001955 (aged 55)
Burial place:
Lanark, IL


Marcella Ruth Guentner Audas-Long
Died 2008

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When was Delta L. Guentner born?

Delta Guentner was born on February 15, 1901

When did is Delta L. Guentner pass away?

Delta Guentner passed away in August 1984

Where is Delta L. Guentner buried?

Delta Guentner is interred in Lanark, IL

At what age did Delta L. Guentner pass away?

Delta Guentner passed away at the age of 83