Commie L Cribb Born 1909

Born on Dec 10, 1909 Commie L Cribb passed away on and was buried in Fender Cemetery in Lakeland, GA. Commie L Cribb was married to Hoke S Cribb.

Dec 10, 1909
Burial place:
Fender Cemetery
Lakeland, GA
Commie L Cribb

Passed away Relatives of Commie L Cribb


19091973 (aged 63)
Burial place:
Lakeland, GA

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18121880 (aged 68)
Died 1865
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South Carolina
18611946 (aged 84)
18661922 (aged 56)
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18901956 (aged 66)
19051990 (aged 85)

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When was Commie L Cribb born?

Commie Cribb was born on December 10, 1909

Where is Commie L Cribb buried?

Commie Cribb is interred in Lakeland, GA