Caroline Matschke Kealy 18031892

Born on May 26, 1803 Caroline Matschke Kealy passed away on Feb 1, 1892, at the age of 88 and was buried in Weaver-Bannowsky-Big Saline Cemetery in London, TX. Caroline Matschke Kealy was married to Joseph Kealy.

May 26, 1803
Feb 1, 1892 (aged 88)
Burial place:
Weaver-Bannowsky-Big Saline Cemetery
London, TX
Caroline Matschke Kealy

Passed away Relatives of Caroline Matschke Kealy


18161894 (aged 77)
Burial place:
328 Smith Rd, Lewisville, TX

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When was Caroline Matschke Kealy born?

Caroline Kealy was born on May 26, 1803

When did is Caroline Matschke Kealy pass away?

Caroline Kealy passed away in February 1, 1892

Where is Caroline Matschke Kealy buried?

Caroline Kealy is interred in London, TX

At what age did Caroline Matschke Kealy pass away?

Caroline Kealy passed away at the age of 88