Birl W Knight 18761895

Born on May 4, 1876 Birl W Knight passed away on Aug 10, 1895, at the age of 19 and was buried in Columbia Church Cemetery in Princeton, IN. Birl W Knight had 1 children: Edward Knight.

May 4, 1876
Aug 10, 1895 (aged 19)
Burial place:
Columbia Church Cemetery
Princeton, IN
Birl W Knight

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Died 1895
Burial place:
Princeton, IN

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When was Birl W Knight born?

Birl Knight was born on May 4, 1876

When did is Birl W Knight pass away?

Birl Knight passed away in August 10, 1895

Where is Birl W Knight buried?

Birl Knight is interred in Princeton, IN

At what age did Birl W Knight pass away?

Birl Knight passed away at the age of 19