A N "pete" Denton 19151971

Born on 1915 A N "pete" Denton passed away on 1971, at the age of 56 and was buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery in Flora, IN. A N "pete" Denton was married to Sarah E Denton.

1971 (aged 56)
Burial place:
Maple Lawn Cemetery
Flora, IN
A N "pete" Denton

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19151994 (aged 79)
Burial place:
Flora, IN

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When was A N "pete" Denton born?

A Denton was born on 1915

When did is A N "pete" Denton pass away?

A Denton passed away in 1971

Where is A N "pete" Denton buried?

A Denton is interred in Flora, IN

At what age did A N "pete" Denton pass away?

A Denton passed away at the age of 56