A Marie Greenwood 19122007

Born on 1912 A Marie Greenwood passed away on 2007, at the age of 95 and was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Millville, NJ. A Marie Greenwood was married to Benjamin D Greenwood.

2007 (aged 95)
Burial place:
Holy Cross Cemetery
Millville, NJ
A Marie Greenwood

Passed away Relatives of A Marie Greenwood


19041983 (aged 79)
Burial place:
Millville, NJ

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When was A Marie Greenwood born?

A Greenwood was born on 1912

When did is A Marie Greenwood pass away?

A Greenwood passed away in 2007

Where is A Marie Greenwood buried?

A Greenwood is interred in Millville, NJ

At what age did A Marie Greenwood pass away?

A Greenwood passed away at the age of 95