A Lawson Dye 18561944

Born on 1856 A Lawson Dye passed away on 1944, at the age of 88 and was buried in Washingtonville Lutheran Cemetery in Washingtonville, PA.

1944 (aged 88)
Burial place:
Washingtonville Lutheran Cemetery
Washingtonville, PA
A Lawson Dye

Who is Else Buried at Washingtonville Lutheran Cemetery in Pennsylvania

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Birth place:
18931978 (aged 85)

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When was A Lawson Dye born?

A Dye was born on 1856

When did is A Lawson Dye pass away?

A Dye passed away in 1944

Where is A Lawson Dye buried?

A Dye is interred in Washingtonville, PA

At what age did A Lawson Dye pass away?

A Dye passed away at the age of 88