A J Shields 19041991

Born on Sep 22, 1904 A J Shields passed away on Oct 9, 1991, at the age of 87 and was buried in San Jon Cemetery in San Jon, NM. A J Shields was married to Thelma Shields.

Sep 22, 1904
Oct 9, 1991 (aged 87)
Burial place:
San Jon Cemetery
San Jon, NM
A J Shields

Passed away Relatives of A J Shields


19141992 (aged 78)
Burial place:
San Jon, NM

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When was A J Shields born?

A Shields was born on September 22, 1904

When did is A J Shields pass away?

A Shields passed away in October 9, 1991

Where is A J Shields buried?

A Shields is interred in San Jon, NM

At what age did A J Shields pass away?

A Shields passed away at the age of 87