A D Dunbar 18801933

Born on Apr 13, 1880 A D Dunbar passed away on Dec 30, 1933, at the age of 53 and was buried in Payne Cemetery in Brocton, IL. A D Dunbar was married to Nora Allen Dunbar.

Apr 13, 1880
Dec 30, 1933 (aged 53)
Burial place:
Payne Cemetery
Brocton, IL
A D Dunbar

Passed away Relatives of A D Dunbar


18841936 (aged 51)
Burial place:
Brocton, IL

Who is Else Buried at Payne Cemetery in Illinois

19081987 (aged 79)
18661933 (aged 67)
18901893 (aged 3)
Birth place:
19342005 (aged 70)
19132000 (aged 86)
18471906 (aged 59)
Died 1901
19251987 (aged 61)

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When was A D Dunbar born?

A Dunbar was born on April 13, 1880

When did is A D Dunbar pass away?

A Dunbar passed away in December 30, 1933

Where is A D Dunbar buried?

A Dunbar is interred in Brocton, IL

At what age did A D Dunbar pass away?

A Dunbar passed away at the age of 53