A D Dudley 18621902

Born on Oct 20, 1862 A D Dudley passed away on Dec 11, 1902, at the age of 40 and was buried in Old Sparta Cemetery in Ravenscroft, TN.

Oct 20, 1862
Dec 11, 1902 (aged 40)
Burial place:
Old Sparta Cemetery
Sparta, TN

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Birth place:

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When was A D Dudley born?

A Dudley was born on October 20, 1862

When did is A D Dudley pass away?

A Dudley passed away in December 11, 1902

Where is A D Dudley buried?

A Dudley is interred in Sparta, TN

At what age did A D Dudley pass away?

A Dudley passed away at the age of 40