A. T. Greer 18371886

Born on Dec 22, 1837 A. T. Greer passed away on Aug 22, 1886, at the age of 48 and was buried in Sallis Cemetery in Sallis, MS. A. T. Greer had 1 children: Abram H. Greer.

Dec 22, 1837
Aug 22, 1886 (aged 48)
Burial place:
Sallis Cemetery
Sallis, MS
A. T. Greer

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18811885 (aged 3)
Burial place:
Sallis, MS

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When was A. T. Greer born?

A. Greer was born on December 22, 1837

When did is A. T. Greer pass away?

A. Greer passed away in August 22, 1886

Where is A. T. Greer buried?

A. Greer is interred in Sallis, MS

At what age did A. T. Greer pass away?

A. Greer passed away at the age of 48