A. T. Dunlap 18211906

Born on Feb 21, 1821 A. T. Dunlap passed away on Oct 14, 1906, at the age of 85 and was buried in Bakers Creek Cemetery in Blount County, TN. A. T. Dunlap was married to Louisa Dunlap.

Feb 21, 1821
Oct 14, 1906 (aged 85)
Burial place:
Bakers Creek Cemetery
A. T. Dunlap

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18291870 (aged 41)
Burial place:

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18591946 (aged 87)

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When was A. T. Dunlap born?

A. Dunlap was born on February 21, 1821

When did is A. T. Dunlap pass away?

A. Dunlap passed away in October 14, 1906

Where is A. T. Dunlap buried?

A. Dunlap is interred in Blount County, Tennessee

At what age did A. T. Dunlap pass away?

A. Dunlap passed away at the age of 85