A. J. Massey 18441921

Born on Nov 18, 1844 A. J. Massey passed away on Jan 18, 1921, at the age of 76 and was buried in Seadrift Cemetery in Seadrift, TX. A. J. Massey had 1 children: Jessie Massey.

Nov 18, 1844
Jan 18, 1921 (aged 76)
Burial place:
Seadrift Cemetery
Seadrift, TX
A. J. Massey

Passed away Relatives of A. J. Massey


Died 1889
Burial place:
1501 Flower Mound Rd, Flower Mound, TX

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19262011 (aged 85)
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Died 1967

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When was A. J. Massey born?

A. Massey was born on November 18, 1844

When did is A. J. Massey pass away?

A. Massey passed away in January 18, 1921

Where is A. J. Massey buried?

A. Massey is interred in Seadrift, TX, in Plot: A-048-4

At what age did A. J. Massey pass away?

A. Massey passed away at the age of 76