A. E. Downing Died 1948

Born A. E. Downing passed away on May 29, 1948and was buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Winganon, OK. A. E. Downing was married to Martha Downing and had 1 children: Willis D. Downing.

May 29, 1948
Burial place:
Shady Grove Cemetery
Chelsea, OK
A. E. Downing

Passed away Relatives of A. E. Downing


Died 1936
Burial place:
Chelsea, OK


19011962 (aged 61)
Burial place:
Chelsea, OK

Who is Else Buried at Shady Grove Cemetery in Oklahoma

Died 1999
19312007 (aged 76)
18771907 (aged 30)
Died 1986

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When did is A. E. Downing pass away?

A. Downing passed away in May 29, 1948

Where is A. E. Downing buried?

A. Downing is interred in Chelsea, OK