A. C. Good 18631924

Born on Nov 5, 1863 A. C. Good passed away on Jun 16, 1924, at the age of 60 and was buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Old Line, PA. A. C. Good was married to Sarah K. Good.

Nov 5, 1863
Jun 16, 1924 (aged 60)
Burial place:
Pleasant View Cemetery
Manheim, PA
A. C. Good

Passed away Relatives of A. C. Good


18711934 (aged 62)
Burial place:
Manheim, PA

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18261849 (aged 23)
19122002 (aged 89)
Birth place:
19332015 (aged 82)
19232016 (aged 93)
Birth place:

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When was A. C. Good born?

A. Good was born on November 5, 1863

When did is A. C. Good pass away?

A. Good passed away in June 16, 1924

Where is A. C. Good buried?

A. Good is interred in Manheim, PA

At what age did A. C. Good pass away?

A. Good passed away at the age of 60