A. B. Durham 19021949

Born on Aug 14, 1902 A. B. Durham passed away on Oct 23, 1949, at the age of 47 and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Lafayette, MS. A. B. Durham had 1 children: James K. Durham.

Aug 14, 1902
Oct 23, 1949 (aged 47)
Burial place:
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Oxford, MS
A. B. Durham

Passed away Relatives of A. B. Durham


19211929 (aged 7)
Burial place:
Oxford, MS

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19211929 (aged 7)
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Kenosha, WI
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18661931 (aged 65)
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When was A. B. Durham born?

A. Durham was born on August 14, 1902

When did is A. B. Durham pass away?

A. Durham passed away in October 23, 1949

Where is A. B. Durham buried?

A. Durham is interred in Oxford, MS

At what age did A. B. Durham pass away?

A. Durham passed away at the age of 47