A. A. Roe 18781912

Born on Jun 11, 1878 A. A. Roe passed away on Jan 11, 1912, at the age of 33 and was buried in Grit Cemetery in Mason County, TX.

Jun 11, 1878
Jan 11, 1912 (aged 33)
Burial place:
Grit Cemetery
A. A. Roe

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When was A. A. Roe born?

A. Roe was born on June 11, 1878

When did is A. A. Roe pass away?

A. Roe passed away in January 11, 1912

Where is A. A. Roe buried?

A. Roe is interred in Mason County, Texas

At what age did A. A. Roe pass away?

A. Roe passed away at the age of 33