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Rhedesium is comprehensive repository of memorials and cemeteries obtained from many historical sources and contains burial records for over 130 million people.

All Nationwide Cemeteries

We work with all the local and national cemeteries across the country that share the names of their memorials.

Links to Related Family

Rhedesium records include links to full parent, spouse, sibling, children and other family relative listings whenever possible.

Complete Burial Records

Birth dates, death certificates, pictures of grave stones, official obituaries and final resting locations and more.

Get Obituaries Records and More

Find the graves of ancestors

You can search by a relative’s name, browse cemeteries, or review all the cemeteries in a specific state.

Many memorial records include details of military service, religious affiliations, photos of the deceased, pictures of headstones, death certificates, and grave records.

Rhedesium should be your first stop for all your genealogical research.