Jane Mccutchan Died 1804

Born Jane Mccutchan passed away on May 5, 1804and was buried in Bacon Hill Cemetery in Grangerville, NY. Jane Mccutchan was married to Andrew Mccutchan.

May 5, 1804
Burial place:
Bacon Hill Cemetery
Bacon Hill, NY
Jane Mccutchan

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Died 1804
Burial place:
Bacon Hill, NY

Who is Else Buried at Bacon Hill Cemetery in New York

18801961 (aged 81)
Died 1804
18371839 (aged 2)
Born 1821
Died 1862
19191986 (aged 67)
19382015 (aged 77)
Birth place:
Glens Falls, NY

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When did is Jane Mccutchan pass away?

Jane Mccutchan passed away in May 5, 1804

Where is Jane Mccutchan buried?

Jane Mccutchan is interred in Bacon Hill, NY