Esther Louise Joslin 18661867

Born on Dec 13, 1866 to J. Edwin Joslin and Harriet A. Joslin. Esther Louise Joslin passed away on Apr 1, 1867, at the age of 0 and was buried in Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA.

Dec 13, 1866
Apr 1, 1867 (aged less than a year)
Section 36
Burial place:
Hope Cemetery
119 Webster St, Worcester, MA

Phone: (508) 799-1531
Esther Louise Joslin

Passed away Relatives of Esther Louise Joslin


18401894 (aged 54)
Birth place:
Stoddard, NH
Burial place:
119 Webster St, Worcester, MA
18391913 (aged 73)
Birth place:
Sutton, MA
Burial place:
119 Webster St, Worcester, MA

Who is Else Buried at Hope Cemetery in Massachusetts

Died 1999
19211998 (aged 77)
Died 1930

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When was Esther Louise Joslin born?

Esther Joslin was born on December 13, 1866

When did is Esther Louise Joslin pass away?

Esther Joslin passed away in April 1, 1867

Where is Esther Louise Joslin buried?

Esther Joslin is interred in 119 Webster St, Worcester, MA, in Plot: Section 36