The Ultimate Guide to Family History Interview Questions

Quite often, we may be interested in finding more about some of our distant relatives, fifth cousins, and ancestors, or go deeper into the genealogy. Yet another scenario may be fun-filled family gatherings or parties where you get an opportunity to meet very distant relatives or someone you heard about a lot, but could never personally interact with and such.

That said, it would be ideal if you get yourself acquainted with a list of family history questions so that you can ask them during these occasions and make family reunions engaging. It involves narrating past incidents and experiences based on memory and eliciting interesting yet emotional instances from the past.

Let’s delve into the key questions that you could include in your family history questionnaire and obtain a lot of interesting information on your great aunt or the grandfather’s maternal uncle and more! 

Family History Questionnaire

The best approach would be to segregate your questionnaire into multiple segments, each focusing on a particular aspect. You can ask the below family history questions to your relatives during family events.

Questions about Family History – Childhood

Where was your first home?

When were you born?

What is your father’s full name?

Where did your father work? Was he into service or business?

What is your mother’s full name?

Was your mother working somewhere outside the home?

Did any of your grandparents stay with you?

Do you have any siblings?

Where are they now and what do they do?

Where was your paternal grandparents’ home?

Do you know any of your maternal/paternal uncles and aunts?

Have you been in touch with your maternal cousins?

Have you been in contact with your paternal cousins?

Did you have any pets at home? If yes, what were their names?

What is the best memory of your parents that you have?

Questions about Family History – School/College

Which school did you study in?

Did your brothers or sisters also study there?

How did you go to school – by bus?

Which was your most interesting subject?

Which was the most boring subject?

Were you scared of any of your teachers?

Did you participate in extracurriculars during your school days?

Do you remember the name of your best friend in school?

Which college did you graduate from?

Do you recall your first day in college?

Was your college in the same city as your school?

Which was the most memorable day in your college life?

Do you remember any special achievement for which you were felicitated in your college?

Do you recall any excursions or outings with your batchmates in your final year of graduation?

Questions about Family History – Marriage

When was your marriage?

Where did your marriage take place?

How did you meet your spouse?

When did you feel that this person was truly the one you were always looking for?

Tell me how it felt when your first child was born.

Who is the family court jester – one who would crack jokes any time?

Questions about Family History – Occupation

How did you get your first job?

Do you remember the first day on your job?

What did you do with your first salary?

What motivated you to take up this as a career?

How do you feel after completing so many years of working?

Do you remember any special days during your career?

Do you feel a sense of accomplishment in your professional life?

Was there any time when you felt like maybe this wasn’t the ideal career for you?

After your office hours, how do you spend your time?

How did you feel on the day you got retired from service?

Questions about Family History – Celebrations, Holidays, and Events

Were there frequent social parties and family get-togethers in your family?

What were the traditions you followed on special holidays, festivals, or birthdays?

Who used to play a major role in organizing family gatherings?

How did you spend your summer holidays?

Have you ever been away from your family on any special occasions? How did you feel?

How did your family celebrate New Year’s Eve?

What was the best gift you ever received from someone?

What do you think was the best gift that you gave someone?

Additionally, if you are looking to find details on some of your ancestors, you can go for genealogy websites like They help you gather information on ancestors’ burial sites, cemeteries, and more.

Search on

Check out the instructions to understand the ways to search for someone in your genealogy on this website.

  • Go to the website
  • On the home page, enter first name, last name, and city/state.
  • Click the “search” icon.
  • Alternatively, You can click on “Cemeteries” at the top of the page.
  • You will see a page with a list of cemeteries in the United States, with states arranged alphabetically.
  • On the row of any state, you would find “Cemeteries” and “Memorials”.
  • Click on “Cemeteries” or “Memorial” and you can get further details like the address, map, phone number, burial list, and working hours.


How to use to find a grave in the cemetery?

Go to the site On the top of the homepage, click “Cemeteries”. This takes you to the list of cemeteries in the United States with the states arranged alphabetically. In a row, corresponding to a state, you would see “Cemeteries” and “Memorials”. Click on “Cemeteries” and that takes you to a page with a list of cemeteries in that state. 

Click on the relevant cemetery and you will see the burial list. Next, click on the name of the person you are looking for and you get all the details such as their full name, primary contact, profile, address, phone number, and more.

What information is on a burial record?

Burial records essentially include the cemetery details (address, phone number, working hours, map), death date, and info on relatives. In addition, it includes a primary relative and names of other relatives, a profile of the deceased that includes any videos, images, publications authored, resume, etc.

How can I find out where someone is buried?

There are various ways to find out where someone is buried such as by visiting the graveyard, accessing genealogical websites or death records, veteran websites, and more. 

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