A. Porer Giles 18571941

Born on 1857 A. Porer Giles passed away on 1941, at the age of 84 and was buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Blue Mound, KS. A. Porer Giles had 1 children: Anna B Giles Swearingen.

1941 (aged 84)
Burial place:
Pleasant View Cemetery
Blue Mound, KS
A. Porer Giles

Passed away Relatives of A. Porer Giles


Birth place:
Burial place:
La Harpe, KS

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When was A. Porer Giles born?

A. Giles was born on 1857

When did is A. Porer Giles pass away?

A. Giles passed away in 1941

Where is A. Porer Giles buried?

A. Giles is interred in Blue Mound, KS

At what age did A. Porer Giles pass away?

A. Giles passed away at the age of 84